Anonymous asked: "My language is Spanish. But that link doesn't take me anywhere... Can someone translate it into Spanish? Please... I want to help to Jieun."

Ah, it seems ravitz has taken down the post.

But! We reblogged it back for “False Hope” so you should be able to read it here.

Anonymous asked: "but I don't know English... and I don't understand anything. I saw this tutorial a while and asked for help but you didn't answer :("

I’m sorry, I must not have seen your ask.

What language is most comfortable for you? English is the official language for Secret4 so all our resources are in English, but perhaps we can connect you with other SeTi’s who speak your language. If you speak Spanish, we do have the tutorial translated into Spanish here by the lovely ravitz!

Anonymous asked: "how I can help on the charts? I don't know how to do that."

We haven’t posted the updated post specifically for “Don’t Look At Me” but you can consult the tutorial “Secret4’s Steps to Supporting Secret Summer” here and follow the steps there! Things should generally be the same, except that it’s for “Don’t Look At Me” and not “I’m In Love.”

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I would like to know if Jieun is releasing something apart from the single "Don't Look At Me", maybe a single album or a mini? cuz I haven't seen that it's just a "digital single" anywhere. Thanks ^^"

All of the articles I’ve seen just call it a single and only mention the digital release, so it doesn’t seem that Jieun is releasing any other songs other than “Don’t Look At Me” with this release.

Hope that helps!

Track Title: 쳐다보지마 {Don't Look At Me}

Artist: 송지은 {Song Jieun}

Album: 쳐다보지마 {Don't Look At Me}

Secret: 송지은 {Song Jieun} - 쳐다보지마 {Don’t Look At Me}

[MUSIC VIDEO] Don't Look At Me M/V
: TSENT2008
[ADMIN] Secret4 Task List

Hallo SeTi’s!

This is Admin clayray3290. I’ve been Admin of Secret4 for…I don’t know how long, actually. I was a Translator back in like…Summer of 2011, I want to say? And then sometime in the spring of 2012, I became more involved. So I guess it’s been about a couple of years.

Well, you may have noticed that over the last few months, my S4 updates have been not nearly as prolific as before. I just started grad school, and as you can imagine, that’s been keeping me very busy. I’m not stepping down, but realistically, I am much more limited in my time and what I can do.

I am also of the philosophy that the more the merrier anyway, so!


I would like to introduce the Secret4 Task List. It is a list of various Secret fandom tasks that we highly encourage you to partake in whenever you can!

So here’s how it goes. If you shoot us a message saying that you’re interested in a certain task, then I’ll make sure to grant you the power to do it. And then you’re in charge of doing it whenever you can. Multiple people can be in charge of a certain task, so if you’re busy, then somebody else can take care of it. And you can accomplish things as you see that they need to be done! For example, you see a tweet by some other celebrity that includes a photo with Secret? Then you can add it! The intention is for S4 to truly become a SeTi-community-built place!

Basically, you can contribute however much you want whenever you can. No pressure! This fansite is the product of the hard work of our fandom, and so we really would like to bring all us SeTi’s together!

So here’s the list:

  • Calendar/Schedule
    - Check the Official Fancafe schedule and add it to S4
    - Update the monthly schedule
    - Update the calendar
    - Update the Tumblr weekly schedule post
    - Tweet the schedule
  • Videos
    - Add new videos to the Video Vault as they happen
    - Go through past schedules and make sure there are videos for everything
    - Browse and compile fancams
  • Downloads
    - Look to fulfill the outstanding requests
    - Start to methodically upload things
  • Subs
    - Either bring back the S4 Subbing Team or do some subbing on your own
  • Pictures
    - Make sure all official/promotional photos are added to the gallery
    - Photos that accompany news articles
    - Sponsor photos
    - Fantaken photos (Only if granted permission to take)
    - Old social media photos
    - Scans
    - Make sure all photos have proper credits/sources
  • News Articles
    - Regularly search for new articles and post them (If cannot translate, post the Korean to be translated)
    - Archival news articles
  • Twitter
    - If you see a realtime tweet, post it! If you cannot translate it, just post the Korean for translators to come and translate it
    - Systematically go through and post all old tweets
    - Look for tweets by other celebrities about Secret and post them
    - Keep our Twitter updated with any updates from the main S4 site
  • Instagram
    - Realtime Instagram posts by the Secret members
    - Instagram posts by other celebrities or other people close to Secret (i.e. Stylist, Play)
  • Tumblr
    - Keep our Tumblr updated with any updates from the main S4 site
  • Projects
    - Manage current projects
    - Plan for future projects
  • Other Social Media
    - Compile old Cyworld posts
    - Compile old Me2Day posts
    - Compile old Weibo posts
  • Lyrics
    - Make sure with every release, lyrics are posted
    - Make sure all lyrics have the original Korean, the English translated, and the romanized
    - Also compile lyric translations in other languages
  • Tutorials
    - Make a list of ideas for tutorials that are needed
    - Search for other tutorials that have already been created
  • Secret Basics
    - Make posts for the different categories of Secret Basics to essentially make a Secret pimp post

This list will be updated as more tasks to do come up. Please consider joining the S4 Team and taking on some of these tasks!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Anonymous asked: "Secret will not perfom in music show this week ? ):"

They probably will be performing on music shows this week - It’s just that the exact times of recordings haven’t been set and released yet. So just wait a little bit and then in a few days, the schedule will be updated to reflect the music shows! :)

[ADMIN] Hullo dearies, Admin clayray3290 is back! Give me a little bit to catch up~ :)